Sarah Rabdau and Sophia Cacciola cover "Stay" by Shakespears Sister

So, to get prepped for our CD release on Friday November 15th at TT the Bears in Cambridge, Sophia from Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling (who is also releasing a pair of singles and videos that night) suggested we cover a song and do a one take video to help with promotion. We went back and forth on possible song options when Mike (from DNFMOMD) threw out the idea of doing "Stay" by Shakespears Sister. I immediately thought this was a great idea, but Sophia didn't really know the song that well. After we pulled up the video on youtube she not only got on board, but she wanted to do a remake of the video. This was hilariously fun to do, and significantly more difficult to pull off than a one take video. Vanyaland premiered the video on Friday along with the original video for comparison