CD Release. News. Lack of Nutrition.

Last night we had our first rehearsal with the string trio for the CD Release party. It was fantastic. Not only do I love these women, but they’re so very talented, and so beautiful that they light up the room.  I love hearing them talk about all their string-y things, bowings, and favorite keys. Ooohhhhh it’s so great. They’re amazing.
After about the 2nd or 3rd song I began to wonder if anyone would come see us again if we didn’t have the trio? Once you go extreme beauty, can you go back? I wish I could travel with them always. I wish they could be the soundtrack to my life.

So far reviews have been very kind about the CD. It didn’t start that way.  People seemed to respect it, but didn’t like it. Performing Songwriter picked the disc as one of the top 12 DIY discs in their current issue. They’re also offering a download of “Man Child”
My dad asked what DIY meant. I told him Do It Yourself. He thought I was mad at him.
As I’ve begrudgingly grown up a bit I’ve learned that people connecting to the music is far more important to me than people being impressed by it. Ideally it’s one in the same, but if I had to choose, I want people to connect.

I had an awesome week last week where we got lots of compliments and reviews on the record, and people were saying great things about the album and playing it on the radio. I was feeling really secure and great, and then Matt and I had a practice that night and it totally blew. We both played like crap. That was a wake up call. Much needed.